Wednesday, November 15, 2017

iPhone 6 Screen Repair: How Much Will It Cost You?

iPhones are really expensive and repairing it can also be too expensive. That is why we do whatever needed to protect our precious iPhones. Screen protectors, iPhone cases, and other protective accessories name it and we all willingly buy them no matter how pricey they can be just to make sure that our phone is safe and secure.
However, no matter how hard we try to keep our phone protected, accidents do happen and we really can’t avoid them all the time. It may slip off your hand, get it damaged by water or other liquids, or smash it accidentally. All these things can damage our iPhone. Sometimes, the battery acts weirdly like it starts to get fully charged after just a few minutes of charging or it easily gets totally drained without us knowing what’s the reason behind it.

Whatever damage your phone has, the first thing that you need to know is if Apple will replace, or fix it for free and if Apple will issue a refund if you have it repaired by a third party iPhone repair NYC service provider. Let us see what the Apple warranty does and does not include. From here we can be able to know if our damaged phone may be replaced or repaired by the company for free.
Apple screen repair price list
This Apple fix iPhone screen NYC service rates apply to instances like:
•If the screen of your iPhone stops working properly and your phone is not included in the Apple warranty or is not covered by the AppleCare+ or consumer law.
•Damaged screen due to mishandling or accidental damage.
•Broken screen of an iPhone that is still under the one year warranty but is not covered by AppleCare+.

The prices stated below only include screen replacement or repair. If your phone has other damages, you may need to pay an additional fee for such damage.
•Apple iPhone 7 screen repair – $ 129
Apple iPhone 6s screen repair – $ 129
Apple iPhone 6 screen repair – $ 129
•Apple iPhone SE screen repair – $ 129
Apple iPhone 5s screen repair – $ 129
Apple iPhone 5c screen repair – $ 129
Apple iPhone 5 screen repair – $ 129
Apple iPhone 6s Plus repair – $ 149
Apple iPhone 6 Plus screen repair – $ 149
•Apple iPhone 7 Plus screen repair – $ 149
Apple warranty: what’s included and what’s not covered?

Apple’s one-year limited warranty states that the company offers a warranty to all Apple-branded accessories contained and hardware products used in the original packaging of their iPod, iPhone, or iPad against defects in workmanship and materials provided that they are being used in a normal way as specified in the published Apple guidelines. The warranty period starts from the original date the end-user purchased the product to the exact same month and day the following year.
The limited warranty, however, does not cover phone damage due to disassembly, liquid contact, earthquake, abuse, fire, misuse, external causes, accident, operating the outside Apple’s published guidelines, using the phone together with other products not specified by Apple, unauthorized modifications without Apple’s written permission (including expansions, upgrades and capability or functionality alteration), and unauthorized service like iPhone 6 screen repair done by a third party provider.
Apple warranty does not also include the consumable parts (like the protective coatings and batteries), cosmetic damage (like damaged plastic on ports, dents, and scratches), and damage resulting from normal product aging or wear and tear. The warranty will also be considered null and void if the serial number has been defaced or removed from the Apple product.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to fix iPhone screen damage in a short time

Today your cell phone is your best friend. It’s your lifeline to the outer world. It’s a medium through which you feel connected. You share your joys and sorrows; even you can do your business or just spend some leisure time on your cell phone. It’s won’t be at all wrong to say that these little wireless buddies are now a necessity in your life and you can not even think what you would do without your mobile phone.

Now where mobile phone are concerned, there are giant manufactures and cell phone provides in the market, then let it be Apple or Samsung, or Sony or even HTC and how can one ever forget Motorola. Yes, there is always a choice available but one of the most desired and used phone today is iPhone.

Research says that Apple has been and still is one of the leading manufacturing of WOW mobile technology. But, there are always two sides of a coin. It’s just like falling sick and needing medicines. Similarly your iPhone works great but sometimes it may also fall sick. There could be iPhone screen damage or water damage or the battery issue. It can be anything and just as you need a doctor or medicines when you’re sick, your iPhone needs us – We, Wireless Solutions not only provide the best screen repair in New York but also fix any issues your Apple device might be facing.

Today, the known fact is that often there are issues with iPhone screen. Sometimes it gets cracked and sometimes it gets broken and sometimes the damage is beyond repair and you need screen replacement instead of just iPhone screen repair. Or many times there would be issues like water damage, fast battery drain; speaker and mic issues and other such problems and you would need your iPhone to be repaired. Though repairing iPhone is a sensitive issue you can always trust us. We, at Wireless Solutions are the perfect rescuers for your wireless buddies. Our team of professional technicians helps you repair and fix any kind of iPhone damage.

Though repairing iPhone screen is a sensitive issue, the ways are technicians will work will help you witnessing the fixing of your iPhone screen like never before. And also when it comes to the price issue, you can be least concerned as Wireless Solutions is known for providing affordable iPhone screen repair. So seeking expert solutions is no more expensive when you have Wireless Solutions for your phone.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

‘Fixing Problems’ is the True Definition of Solution for HTC Phone Repair

The technology is somewhere directly or indirectly responsible for the damage to the environment, due to increasing use of cell phones including HTC Phones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc. Everyone across the globe is fighting against global warming on one hand and on the other hand, enormous wastage, radiation, pollution, etc. are increasing. The best option to solve this problem is that, whenever there are problems with your cell phone, at the very first stage try to get it repaired. Replacement or buying a new phone is not the solution to the problem. 
Suppose your HTC Phone’s screen is broken or there is damage due to water, then HTC Phone Repair can quickly solve your problem. If HTC Phone Repair is possible, and though if the owner of the cell phone gets it replaced, means there is no contribution to the eradication of global warming. Apart from this, there are also several other benefits of getting the phone repaired, compared to replacement or buying a new one. One of the advantages is the recovery of data is easy when a phone is fixed. In the case of replacement of cell phones with a new one, the data transfer is required. But transferring data from a damaged phone is not easy. It may result in data loss.

Apart from this, a brand new HTC phone would cost more compared to HTC Cell Phone Repair. When you get your cell phone fixed, it would cost below $100. A new phone costs something around $250 to $500; depending on features of the phone, company’s brand name and storage space available with standard purchase option. Is it not a real option to move ahead with HTC Phone Repair, rather than to get a new one? Some people replace their cell phones with a newer one just to get more features, or because their screen was broken.
Just because of similar other small issues, why should anyone spend more money to buy a new cell phone, and why should they contribute towards increasing wastage and pollution? A cell phone is truly a hazardous waste, and it’s the responsibility of the entire global population to reduce the waste. If you are not sure whether or not your HTC Repair is possible, then the best option is to get in touch with some reputed company like Wireless Solutions NY. This company employs only technicians who are skilled and experienced in cell phone repairing. If it’s specifically about HTC Phone Repair, only visit the store of Wireless Solutions NY. They have knowledge and care for quality services for their customers. 

It’s one of the popular stores in the New York Market, which is famous for instant cell phone repair. Always make sure to get in touch with such famous shops only. Otherwise unskilled or inexperienced technicians of some repair shops in the market may damage your phone and its data during the experimentation process.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Inconvenience to Convenience is What Phone Repair is all About

When a cell phone has some trouble, people keep looking for a reliable and faster repair service for their cell phones. Most of the times, they look for experts. It’s true that when a cell phone is damaged or when there is damage due to water or when the Phone Screen Repair is required; anyone just blindly cannot trust an ordinary repair service provider. Only experts with sufficient skills, knowledge and experience can solve your problems. The best and reliable repairer is the one who repairs your phone, the same day you bring your cell phone to the repair shop. It is the way to identify the correct company.

The repair of the cell phones is mostly important when you come in with a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy S5. If you connect to some reputed and branded companies like Wireless Solutions NY, the Cell Phone Repair can be done on the same day when you bring your damaged phone for repair. In some cases where the problem is minor, it can be completed immediately on the very same day, while you would just be waiting for a while at the repair shop. Wireless Solutions NY is one of the branded shops located in New York with a branch in Manhattan. The experts in this company are highly skilled and experienced in repairing tablets and smartphones that are water damaged or completely broken or completely not functioning.

The Phone Repair service of this company is trusted by a large number of their clientele spread across New York. No one can afford to lose or replace a top phone or tablet, just because of the minor problem that is possibly repairable. While selecting your destination to solve your cell phone problems or to fix your broken smart phones, iPads, water damaged iPhones or nonfunctioning Tablets; all you have to do is find right company who hires only licensed and certified technicians. Wireless Solutions NY delivers the best Phone Screen Repair service because they believe in offering genuine solutions and quality service. That’s the reason so many clients trust them.

The company has a strict policy of hiring only employees who have globally recognized certification and more than sufficient experience to solve the problems related to a cell phone repair. The company provides expert device repair service and mobile repair service; that includes repair of devices such as Android phones, Windows phones, iPhones and iPads. An expert technician is one who can determine if the actual screen is broken or if the glass just needs to be repaired or replaced. A skilled technician always runs the required diagnostics, and shall recommend the right solution depending on the results of the diagnosis. A competent and honest professional would never focus on just earning money, rather than solving the customer problem.

An unskilled technician does not even know how to run diagnostics, and will concentrate more on grabbing money out of customer’s pocket, by fooling the client in a variety of ways. It is the fundamental difference about how you can identify the skilled and unskilled technician. Your phone may contain important data. So, if you give it in the hands of some technician who does not even know the ABC of phone repairing; then it’s not possible to get a solution to your problem. So, it’s always suggested to contact genuine and reputed companies for your Phone Repair related assistance.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Value The Deals of Online Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Replacement

Your Smartphone is life and leaving without it, is a complete no-no these days. You cannot afford to miss out the fun elements, which a phone holds for you, and nothing can compete for that. There are various types of internal and external parts available, which make your phone the best option, with long lasting technical power. Well, the most prominent exterior part of a Smartphone is the screen. Without a display, it becomes problematic to see what is happening, and it will further damage the phone if proper care is not taken within time. Once you have planned for the best treatment, look for best options.

Look for the online stores
The smartphone can be repaired from online and retail outlets too. Now, for the latter option, you have to get along with the best store, offering hundreds of different screens for covering up your phone top. Well, most of the stores have a limited budget and cannot afford to keep all the products under check. For the best strategies, wait no further and get along with online stores, offering the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement without fail. As you are changing displays for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you have to get the best screen for replacement. Whether you are looking for the reliable strategies or want to know more about the other better options, there are loads of strategies available.
Repairing screen by experts
Experts are here to match the quality work, which you need for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement plan. Whether you are changing your phone screen for the first time, or this have been your second or third attempt, you will always receive the best service as experts are here to offer you with strategies now. There are various forms of great Samsung models, which need different screen models too. With the help of galaxy note 3, you will get just the appropriate repairing structures, without making a fuss. It is important to know about the latest techniques, which these experts follow for addressing the clients.
 Making it as good as new
If you are a new one and want to know more about the various options under Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement, there are loads of options waiting for your guidelines. Look into the replacement screen sizes and models to match up well with the chosen items. Either you are looking for the latest model or want to turn your side for some older models, you will get a variety of options these days. Get along with the experts, who will enlighten your mood with the best screen replacement deals.
Online deals for you
Deals are always available online, and these are associated with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement services, too. Whether you are looking for the note 3 replacement or other note series, deals and discounts are available for the same products. These agreements are flexible enough to change on daily basis. You need to register your name with the website and start working on the deals, which are suitable for your demands. The prices might vary, depending on the model size and the width and height of the note 3. You will feel a little bit perplexed for the first time when you will come to see so many options. It will come as clear as possible after a particular point in time.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Look For The Best Repairing Techniques For Your Cell Phone Repair

It is quite important to get finest repairing done for your mobile phones. Nowadays, phones are not just used for calling but has become a leading device with all in one features. Therefore, availing the best cell phone screen repair is always important for the clients. Apart from repairing some broken screens, the services are further categorized under different segments. You are asked to get in touch with Samsung cell phone repair service, if you are willing to repair any particular branded items. Depending on the brand name, the products are likely to vary a lot, along with different segments.

Areas to be served
Smartphones are quite complicated devices. It comprises of internal features and some complex external sources, too. Therefore, when a phone stops working, you have to take help of various professionals to fix different parts. Now, each one of them a special section of service, which they are capable of offering you with help. If you are willing to take help of cell phone repair, make sure to get acquainted with online stores first. They are going to check out the present credential rates of the companies first, and start working on the features accordingly. Products are really good when you are planning to replace an old and broken part for a new one.

Availing services within given time
Whenever you are giving away your phone for repairing, it means you are left with no other secondary option. Now, staying away from smartphone these days are horrible feelings, and the reliable repairing centers are well aware of it. Therefore, they make it a point to take as much less time as possible for the entire cell phone repair service and give back the item, as good as new. Now, the time always remain flexible, depending on the level of problem to be solved.

Security is always the first priority
There are times, when you have to get back your phone in new formation, without leaking any source. Mobile phones are some of the reliable options, where people store some private files, like music, videos and even images. The reliable cell phone repair companies are well aware of this fact and take full responsibility of the security service. While operating their phone for repairing the parts, they will not leak any information, as it is a top secret rule of the company. Leaking pictures or other important files mean losing a job completely. Therefore, they are not going to take that risk.

Recovery of some old files
Being an electronic device, there are many times, when you phone stops working and you lost some or maybe all of your important data. During such negative instances, you are left with no other option but to avail services of those centers, offering cell phone repair solutions. They are not just going to recover some lost data, but will also transfer the data to some external drives, if you want them too. The services are extremely important and need to be done by professionals only. They are always ready to help you out.

Friday, September 11, 2015

HTC Repair Services By Cell Phone Repair Experts

HTC keep announcing new versions of their cell phones. They mainly focus on providing extremely attractive and powerful device, good features such as Brilliant HD screen, Excellent build quality, Top of the line performance, Decent battery back-up. 

Many people are using this new phone nowadays. The phone is a thing that normal person carries it 24*7 with them as a part of daily use and abuse when these durable and reliable devices break down or stop working. As we all know all the good things doesn’t remain the same till the end, not even your brand new cell phone. It may meet with any accident, such as drop down into the water, fell down and broke the screen, any kind of damages. In this situation, you may throw away your brand new cell phone or save it by visiting HTC one repair service provider who can repair your cell phone with original part replacement. For example, if you break down your screen and it is completely damaged and need a replacement, in this case, repair experts replace your damaged part with original part replacement. If you are thinking to fix it yourself, it might be the cheapest option but it will be definitely a risky behavior. 

Go to trusted HTC Repair Professionals

When we need HTC one repair services, we usually ask some questions such as, “Who can I entrust for my delicate device?” Wireless Solutions NY is the best answer to this question. They are expert in taking care of your phone and whatever they fix, they make sure that no further damage is done to the cell phone. Each technician here is highly trained for HTC repair services, so does for the other services they provide. 

Whether your HTC one device has a destroyed LCD screen, a bent metal body or it has stopped working, or a battery that is no longer holding a reasonable amount of charge, the professionals at wireless solutions NY has a proven record for HTC one repair services, that should be trusted to handle the job. They are popular to offer fast & reliable services for all generations of HTC devices, including the EVO, One, One Mini, Desire, etc.